3D CT scan in house

3d-imagingWith Orlando’s first CS 9300 3D imaging system, we are able to show precise details and focus on specific regions of interest. This will help us truly understand your treatment options and make the most informed decisions. Our software provides the details needed to determine a more definitive treatment plan. The 3D Imaging software will let us view images in a smooth, intuitive fashion, allowing us to clearly visualize your diagnosis and treatment plan more realistically. We strive to offer only the best technology for our patients to be able to keep them fully informed, and because of this, our patients are fully confident they are being provided with the best of care.

Digital X-rays

With digital dental X-rays, your dentist or other dental professional is able to immediately see your teeth and jaw bones. This means that assessment and diagnosis is virtually instantaneous.

  • A reduction in the amount of radiation you are exposed to during the X-ray process.
  • No need for dental film or processing chemicals in order for your dentist to be able to see the images.
  • An almost instantaneous ability to see the X-ray images, which means, if you’re in pain, you’re not waiting for the images to be processed and then viewed.
  • Your dentist is able to use color contrast in viewing and manipulating the X-ray image, in order to see all of the details in the image.

When you’re looking for a dentist, you would be well served to choose one who offers digital dental X-rays. The benefits are immense, the process is simple and painless, and you’ll be able to see the images when your dentist reviews them with you.

Led lights, High Magnification

Electric handpieces / lighted handpieces

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide Also known as inhalation sedation or “laughing gas,” this is one step up from the oral sedative. A mask is placed over the patient’s nose, and the flow level is adjusted by the dentist until the patient is comfortable. One advantage of this method is that as soon as the dental work is complete, the patient receives 100% oxygen and the feeling of sedation is gone within a few minutes.